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ora-00959 tablespace does not exist impdp

imp 00017 following statement failed with oracle error 959

imp-00003 ora-01435

imp-00058 imp-00000 import terminated unsuccessfully

oracle error 3114

ora-00959 tablespace does not exist during impdp

imp-00019 row rejected due to oracle error 1

imp-00058 oracle error 12560 encountered

imp-00008 unrecognized statement in the export file 10g

imp-00003 oracle error 3113 encountered

ora-01659: unable to allocate minextents beyond 2 in tablespace

imp-00003: oracle error 1435 encountered

"psdrpc returns significant error"

imp-00003 oracle error 959 encountered

imp-00003: oracle error 1 encountered

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