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Internal Error - The Specified Plex Contains Disabled Subdisks

When I tried to reconnect the drive, it showed up as a Basic unformatted disk when originally it was a Dynamic disk formatted as NTFS. Reasons for failure vary considerably. The plex name can be changed by entering another name in this field. This sort of free space is visually represented either as a horizontal gap between subdisks in the same stripe column of a plex or as an indentation at the beginning of weblink

Disks containing valid root mirrors are listed as part of the error message. I think this is what is causing the problem - being dynamic disks, my second disk remembered the original configuration and so the system thinks that the original 8Gb M: drive This disk will not have been imported. This utility will restore the old signature to a new drive.dumpcfg.exe heb ik tot nu toe nog niet kunnen vinden.

What is my next best option?I'd like to see guest posts from other professionals here14 points · 41 comments Simple question on employees asking for computer upgrades15 points · 3 comments "The safety features of Message: Disk group rootdg: Inconsistency -- Not loaded into kernel vxvm:vxconfigd: FATAL ERROR: Disk group rootdg: Inconsistency -- Not loaded into kernel >>Clarification This is an internal Volume Manager error. Join the community of 500,000 technology professionals and ask your questions. This error indicates a failure related to reading the file /var/vxvm/tempdb/groupname.

My boss is really heavy on moving to it and i am not even sure how it works. Thus, this error indicates that two disks indicate the same disk group name but a different disk group ID. Remove a plex recursively as follows: 1. This error should not occur unless there is a bug in the Volume Manager. >>Action Contact Customer Support for more information. Message: Interprocess communication failure vxvm:vxconfigd: FATAL ERROR: Interprocess communication

I came back from the weekend and in Computer Management the disks now show up as the screenshot shows. You might also consider replacing any bad disks before using vxassist mirror. Message: Disk in group flagged as shared; Disk skipped vxvm:vxconfigd: WARNING: Disk disk in group group flagged as I thought there were redundant paths but I was wrong. The major reason for this is that too many disks have failed, making it impossible for vxconfigd to continue to update configuration copies.

Can you bring the two drives online on the windows server? Anyone using a monitoring system that does application level net.tcp monitoring? Detach a plex as follows: 1. Earlier error messages should indicate the cause of this.

  1. If I change the cable I get a different error.
  2. Heeft iemand dit wel eens meegemaakt?
  3. The LUNS show as healthy in the EVA...no problems and we haven't made any changes at all...Just came in one morning to work and it looked like this.
  4. The most likely reason is Device is already open.
  5. I need to find a way to recover the data from this "lost" disk as it contains user data over the last day.
  6. The most likely cause for this error is that your system does not have enough memory or paging space to allow vxconfigd to fork. >>Action If your system is this low
  7. This error should not occur unless there is a bug in the Volume Manager. >>Action Contact Customer Support for more information. Message: Unexpected values stored in the kernel vxvm:vxconfigd: ERROR:
  8. Volume Manager Configuration Daemon Error Messages The Volume Manager is fault-tolerant and resolves most problems without system administrator intervention.
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vxconfigd uses this device to communicate with the Volume Manager kernel drivers. Check DrUltima's suggestion to make sure the issue is not on the SAN or along the line Switch, Fiber Connection, etc. A subdisk equal to or smaller than the size of the gap can be dropped into the gap and thus added to the column. Edit 1: Called Microsoft Gold support, got in touch with a tech.

Granted, after i tried new cables, new sfps, new ports on the fiber switches. 0 Write Comment First Name Please enter a first name Last Name Please enter a last name have a peek at these guys This field is optional. This field is set to ACTIVE. Therefore, this error is unlikely to occur under normal use.

James Kerr Fri, 25 Sep 2009 05:59:14 -0700 The config for the array is on the RAID card thats having trouble so throwing the drives on another card isn't going to If i was splitting into different subnets, this would be easy as i could just have 2 different DHCP servers, but with no budget for routers either side of the link This error only happens for volumes that are started automatically by vxconfigd at system startup (i.e., for the root and /usr file system volumes). check over here This error should not occur unless there is a bug in the Volume Manager. >>Action Contact Customer Support for more information. Message: Version number of kernel does not match vxconfigd

Return value/code Description 0xC1000001 LDM_E_UNEXPECTED An unexpected error has occurred. This message can usually be ignored. >>Action There is no action to take. Some form fields are required, while others are not.

Killing utilities in this way may make it difficult to make administrative changes to some volumes until the system is rebooted. 2.

For example, to set up vxconfigd to automatically use file logging, uncomment the opts="$opts -x log" string. And now as I have stopped working so much overtime, I'm basically making about the same. I wish I could explain what he did exactly other than change a few raw values on the disk for documentation sake, but unfortunately I can't. I'm not asking everyone to disclose their salaries, but I'm at the point where I feel like I'm not being fairly compensated for skills that I have, but important, what I

Putil2:Lists the permanent utility field 2. From the Advanced-Ops menu, select Plex, then Attach Plexes. When the attach process completes, the attached plex icon loses the color or shading that previously indicated that it was detached. Requirements: * A volume icon and at least one plex icon must be selected. * Only non-associated plexes can be associated. http://wiiplay.net/internal-error/internal-error-703.html Retry the operation. 0xC10007CA LDM_E_GENERIC_ERROR The operation did not finish.

If there are file systems on those volumes, then the system may yield further errors resulting from inability to access the volume when mounting the file system. >>Action If the error I love staying on top of new technologies, and thinking about all the ways I could make the company I work for a better one. Contact us about this article Looking forward to it, haven't been to one before. This should happen only as a result of direct manipulation by the administrator.

This error message is displayed for any disk IDs in the configuration that are not located in the disk header of any physical disk. You may be able to repair your root file system by mounting the root file system after booting from a network or CD-ROM root file system. Anyone have any idea about this at all? When I attempt to Reactivate Volume or Import either of the Foreign disks I get the following error in the System Log: Source: LDM Event ID: 2 Description: INTERNAL Error -

However, this does imply that the rm utility is missing or is not in its usual location. Shortly after the fault I used the SAN interface to make an RO snapshot of the entire. This reason indicates that some process (most likely vxconfigd) already has /dev/vx/config open. The most likely cause that results in an abort is inability to create IPC channels for communicating with other utilities.

Errors:Indicates whether the plex participates in Volume Manager error policies. Connect with top rated Experts 14 Experts available now in Live! Message: Can't open disk in group vxvm:vxio:NOTICE: Can't open disk disk in group disk_group. It can also happen as a result of Actions that caused all plexes to become unusable (for example, forcing the dissociation of subdisks or detaching, dissociation, or offlining of plexes). >>Action

The maximum length of this field is 31 characters. vxconfigd also supports the use of syslog() to log all of its regular console messages. Use ps -e to search for such processes, and use kill to kill any that you find.