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Internal Error 1 In Module 47

It is indicative of high CPU utilization and can be the result of much traffic passing to the Route Processor or of switching traffic flowing to the switch processor. You cannot edit your posts. This message normally occurs because the route processor receives a much higher than expected rate of IGMP join packets or normal multicast packets destined to reserved Layer3/Layer2 multicast address ranges. rma'ed the LPHope this helps a little bit.regardsKarl Report Inappropriate Content Message 2 of 4 (1,639 Views) Reply 0 Kudos hafeez.farooq-c New Contributor Posts: 3 Registered: ‎12-10-2010 Re: Traffic Manager (TM) check over here

You cannot use signature. Basically, the switch shows this message when some transient traffic passes through the ASIC and the software simply reports the occurrence of an interrupt condition. By default, one PFC3 on SUP has a capacity of 192K entries but if you use the mls cef maximum-routes 239 command, this gives an option to utilize the maximum available All rights reserved. http://forum.mibuso.com/discussion/2155/internal-error-1-module-47

If no response is received after 3 pings (6 seconds), it is counted as the first failure. However the second sequence file is still populating theStationGlobals.Excel.OutputFilePath variable. You must use a packet-sniffing application in order to detect these devices and track down the source address.

You cannot post without approval. I re-intalled Vtune to Vtune 8.0.2 build 608 and tried to use Vtune to run my program again.It still ended with internal error. [[email protected]]# DISPLAY=:0 /opt/intel/vtune/bin/vtl activity -c callgraph -app ./xuiplayer The error definition is: #Err_Zup_PutDataSize (Module_Zup,Err_Fatal(2)). reseat the LP in case2.

Configure the switch to log to a syslog server, if possible. Top Log in to post comments Tim P. Initially it seems to be populated with "CfgVarCommand_Compliance_Results_000_0-0-0CfgVarCommand_Compliance_Results_000_0-0-0CfgVarCommand_Compliance_Results_000_0-0-0", but if you watch it while the execution is paused it will actually add to the variable string three times, resulting in "CfgVarCommand_Compliance_Results_000_0-0-0CfgVarCommand_Compliance_Results_000_0-0-0CfgVarCommand_Compliance_Results_000_0-0-0CfgVarCommand_Compliance_Results_000_0-0-0CfgVarCommand_Compliance_Results_000_0-0-0CfgVarCommand_Compliance_Results_000_0-0-0". After every 30 seconds, this error message is seen on the switch: %CPU_MONITOR-SP-6-NOT_HEARD: CPU_MONITOR messages have not been heard for 61 seconds [2/0] %CPU_MONITOR-SP-6-NOT_HEARD: CPU_MONITOR messages have not been heard for

If the error message recurs, then reseat the concerned line card or module. Not a member? Because the Supervisor 720 module does not have a local flash of that name, the switch thinks that you want to boot from the network, so it displays the error message. If the error occurs again or the diagnostics test detects any issues, create a service request with Cisco Technical Support for further troubleshooting. %PM_SCP-2-LCP_FW_ERR_INFORM: Module [dec] is experiencing the following error:

CPU_MONITOR-3-TIMED_OUT or CPU_MONITOR-6-NOT_HEARD Problem The switch reports these error messages: CPU_MONITOR-3-TIMED_OUT: CPU monitor messages have failed, resetting system CPU_MONITOR-6-NOT_HEARD: CPU monitor messages have not been heard for [dec] seconds Description These have a peek at these guys As a workaround, use one of these two options: Use a network sniffer in order to identify the source that sends out the erroneous packets. This can also happen during any route updates. The switch has its normal vibrations and over time those vibrations can cause a module to slightly come away from the backplane.

If you want to get involved, click one of these buttons! check my blog If these error messages reoccur, create a service request with Cisco Technical Support. %MLS_STAT-4-IP_TOO_SHRT: Too short IP packets received Problem The switch reports this error message: %MLS_STAT-4-IP_TOO_SHRT: Too short IP packets Ensure that logging and logging time stamps are enabled, which is the default. I am pausing at the very first step of the setup and at that point (even though my station globals were cleared when I started the execution, according to the sequence

The feature of logging error messages about this problem is a feature found in Cisco IOS Software Release 12.2SX and later. You cannot start a new topic. You cannot get print page. [Advanced Search] -- Select a Forum -- [General XOOPS.org forums] XOOPS.org announcements Technology, Tools, Best Practices XOOPS.org feedback & suggestions --Spread XOOPS project --XOOPS.org redesign XOOPS.org this content Workaround The error message is purely informational and does not have any impact on the device performance.

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If the switch runs Cisco IOS Software Release 12.1(8)E or later, the switch detects the parity error and resets the Mistral ASIC.

You can also ignore the error and continue running once it has shown up, but after a while Teststand will freeze and crash. Re-enable IGMP snooping. Now that I have added the statement to clear the Excel related Station Globals neither one is giving me that error anymore. Switch(config)#no service internal Switch(config)#mls flow ip interface-full %ETHCNTR-3-LOOP_BACK_DETECTED : Keepalive packet loop-back detected on [chars] Problem The switch reports this error message, and the port is forced to linkdown: %ETHCNTR-3-LOOP_BACK_DETECTED :

You cannot write the command with the Tab key. This means that each interface has its own ID in TCAM and therefore uses more TCAM resources. If I leave the sequence paused here and watch it, the variable will double itself (by concatenating it's value to itself) five times, and then will stop there. have a peek at these guys Running the exact same sequence in the 32-bit version works just fine.

Otherwise, you can increase the hash entry limit with the use of the ip igmp snooping l2-entry-limit command. %QM-4-AGG_POL_EXCEEDED: QoS Hardware Resources Exceeded : Out of Aggregate policers Problem The switch Problem The switch reports this error message: SP: Linecard endpoint of Channel 14 lost Sync. Wed, 11/29/2006 - 08:06 The first question would be why you would struggle with an old version of VTune. You should get all links and its status; check for Errors.repeat the command.Be aware that this are inofficial debug commands; no one is responsible if things go wrong on executing it.Link22: