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An exception may have been thrown during deserialization. Cause: Either the package is missing or the grant is not there. Timesheet error codesTimesheet error codeDescriptionTimesheetMaxHourPerDayExceeded = 3201Exceeded maximum hours per day for timesheet.TimesheetHoursPerTSLimitExceeded = 3202Exceeded the limit for number of hours in a timesheet.TimesheetUnverifiedTSLineNotAllowed = 3203An unverified timesheet line is not Cause: Internal coding error.

Cause: User tried to enter times which overlap one another. An error occurred during the operations with the persistent queue Recommended Actions: Interaction Concentrator will rename the database that caused an error and recreate a new one. Action: Do not throw any exception other than sub-classes of JboException from any business logic code in the getter method for an attribute. OMD-11201, 0, oman: Oracle error %ld occurred while fetching daemon state.

Activexperts Sms

Action: Modify the class that is using the pool to check the pool size before adding a new connection to the pool. Cause: A null object ID was incorrectly passed to a procedure call. JBO-26018: InvalidOperException Cause: An attempt was made to post a row with no attribute set.

Action: Check to see if the protocol version is one of the allowable SSL protocol versions. 19003 Fail to set SSL protocol side to %d. DA-10631 You specified an invalid class: @1 Cause: Bad class name entered in command line or batch mode. This article lists the error codes in tables that are arranged by the PSI class or functional area and by the error ID number. Action: Check the next error message in your log file for more information.

It is mathematically impossible to have 0 in a logarithmic scale.11005Specifying tick interval for a logarithmic scale is undefined. Activexperts Network Monitor Action: Abort command. Connections that use the L2TP protocol over IPSec require the installation of a machine certificate, also known as a computer certificate 31767 Internet Connection Sharing cannot be enabled. have a peek here No dated activities exist. [GetBarMinMax() start >= n]6007Sanity check for automatic Gantt chart size failed.

In particular, a child node/element expected to be found in a node is missing. When loading the XML file for a package (JboPackage tag), this error is reported if some unexpected error occurs while loading a containee. JBO-28039: PCollException Cause: While attempting to activate an object of a given id, an internal integrity problem was found. The scale range is negative (%f) [for %s scale] This problem could potentially be caused by trying to use \"illegal\" values in the input data arrays (like trying to send in

Activexperts Network Monitor

Cause: You must specify an option for command. http://www.lakshmikanth.com/important-icon-alarms/ Table does not exist - table must be created before import. -25602: Error restoring table . Activexperts Sms Either manually register this DLL on this machine, or reinstall the product 27004 ActiveX component [AComPort.dll] not registered on this computer. The call has been canceled 10104 The procedure call table is invalid 10105 The requested service provider is invalid 10106 The requested service provider could not be loaded or initialized 10107

dead-message-hold. DA-10659 No processes are currently running. You may not have compiled your classes Compile your business component classes and try again. The error codes are divided into the following groups: Messaging Server Messages Public/Shared Folder Error Messages IMAP Messages POP3 Messages SMTP/MIME Gateway Messages Messaging Server Messages DA-10505 Could not start

Action: Correct the error in the XML file. Cause: MAIL_RULES package is not loaded. JBO-26004: InvalidOperException Cause: An attempt was made to set the base definition of another definition object, e.g., setting B's base definition to A (i.e., B Extends A). Action: Abort command.

OMD-11648, 0, omtpret: error occurrde while sending returned msg. Please note that TTF fonts are not distributed with JpGraph for copyright reasons. mode=%d26009PDF417: Encode error: Illegal character.

Action: Fix any logic that invalidates entity instances in the validation cycle (perhaps in overridden validateEntity() methods) such that all entities are valid before the VALIDATION_THRESHOLD limit is reached.

Names are of the format myProjectPackage.BusinessPackage.BusinessComponent JBO-25005: InvalidObjNameException Cause: An attempt has been made to associate a business component name with an object for which it is not valid. Check free space and permissions.25030Missing script name in call to StrokeCSIM(). Action: Check and fix the related Oracle database error. Between the time of commit and lock attempt, another user somehow managed to lock the row and not release it within a set time.

DA-10687 You specified an invalid value. Included all the files you copied (including the library) when you set the classpath on the target platform. You must purchase the product, or else uninstall the software 30120 You need a professional or distribution license to use this function Errors 30200-30299 (ActiveXperts Serial ComponentSerial Communications - TAPI) Error Solved!

Action: Refer to the SSL Plus and BSAFE documentation for information about how to handle this error. 19018 Fail to set SSL random reference callback function. JBO-26005: PersistenceException Cause: The fetch mode specified in the view definition XML file is not valid. Check the ICON and related T-Server logs for errors. Action: Check previous error message in the log.

Action: Fix the cause for the exception in the details for this JboException. Cause: User incorrectly typed confirming password while using the setpwd command. Look for an XML element named "FetchMode". Also, if you are stateside, have a great 4th of July.

Action: Abort command. Either manually register this DLL on this machine, or reinstall the product 27009 Registry entry 'Server' missing 27010 Internal error: unable to create new ActiveX object 27011 Internal error: unable to JBO-25027: AttributeReadXMLException Cause: An error occurred during reading the XML data for an attribute of a ViewRow. There could be conversion errors between the return type from JDBC for the attribute and it's Java type.

Cause: This is a generic database error. DA-10623 Could not start process due to problems accessing memory. This documentation is archived and is not being maintained. Error = %ld.

JBO-25223: ApplicationModuleCreateException Cause: When business components are running inside JServer, only one root application module may be created. The class name should be fully qualified with the package name. You can't run PHP from command line if you want to use the 'auto' naming of cache or image files.25006Usage of FF_CHINESE (FF_BIG5) font family requires that your PHP setup has SMTP/MIME Gateway Messages All Oracle error messages related to the SMTP/MIME gateway are written to two log files.

Never thought at the time to uninstall and clear the temp folder.Costas Reply 0 0 AlwaysNeon Regents Professor Posts: 4,377 Member Since: ‎11-28-2011 Message 4 of 4 (473 Views) Report Inappropriate Cause: This could be a socket error or a blocking error.