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Interbase Error Listening Incoming

isc_dsql_blob_type_unknown 335544662L BLOB SUB_TYPE is not defined isc_req_max_clones_exceeded 335544663L Too many concurrent executions of the same request isc_dsql_duplicate_spec 335544664L duplicate specification of - not supported isc_unique_key_violation 335544665L violation of isc_check_cnstrnt_del 335544536L Cannot delete CHECK constraint entry (RDB$CHECK_CONSTRAINTS) isc_integ_index_seg_del 335544537L Cannot delete index segment used by an Integrity Constraint isc_integ_index_seg_mod 335544538L Cannot update index segment used by an Integrity Constraint isc_integ_index_del Join them; it only takes a minute: Sign up Can't seem to get Firebird to connect to a local IP address up vote 1 down vote favorite I'm having a strange isc_usrname_required 335544749L a username is required for this operation. weblink

In the recent half year the deadlocks of the whole db got more frequent. When it establishes the connection first has an initial size of appr. 2,06 MB. Add another database file or use a 64 bit I/O version of Firebird. 335544820=Unable to find savepoint with name {0} in transaction context 335544821=Invalid column position used in the {0} clause Trigger BLR: 335610167=OBSOLETE - Store trigger for relation {0}: 335610168= View source for relation {0} is not available. this page

So far we are making a restart of the whole server. Watson on our server to create a hopefully siginificant dump file after the next crash. All rights reserved. After the introduction of the nightly sweep interval and the tweaking of the page size and initial page number, the problems disappeared.

It could also improve index performance, if you have very deep indexes (you need to run gstat and look at the "depth" values, value > 3 is not good). Covered by US Patent. The result of a floating-point operation cannot be represented as a deciaml fraction. 335544774=Floating-point invalid operand. Not the answer you're looking for?

This time we created full dump files of all connected and relevant (startup time prior to time of deadlock) processes using the Process Hacker (former MS Process Explorer). Watson Logfile. [ Show » ] Christian Masberg added a comment - 24/Oct/11 02:01 PM Dump Files of today. The result of an integer operation caused the most significant bit of the result to carry. 335544780=An exception occurred that does not have a description. http://www.ibm.com/support/knowledgecenter/ssw_ibm_i_72/apis/listen.htm It was something that was ok and bearable.

Totaly at a loss, suggestions please? Cannot continue online dump isc_num_old_files 335544483L maximum number of online dump files that can be specified is 16 isc_bad_stmt_handle 335544485L invalid statement handle isc_stream_not_defined 335544502L reference to invalid stream number isc_shutinprog Error while listening for an incoming connection. The code attempted to access an array element that is out of bounds. 335544771=Float denormal operand.

  1. Full crash dump by operating system and Dr.
  2. further there is a second machine on this network that is also windows 7 and would not connect correctly without having a static IP Address.
  3. The majority of the incidents happened during a backup process handled by the FIBS Service (Firebird/Interbase Backup Scheduler) which uses the gbak.exe for remote and scheduled backups, but there were also

A database sweep is recommended, it does not appear that the database has had a sweep in some time (since Sept 13-14, based on the age of the database and the http://tracker.firebirdsql.org/browse/CORE-2356 The code attempted to access memory without priviledges. 335544783=Illegal Instruction. The exponent of a floating-point operation is greater than the magnitude allowed. 335544776=Floating-point stack check. You usually have to manually add a rule or exception to allow incomming traffic to the port in which Firebird is listening.

The debug version of the firebird server is installed. have a peek at these guys Update: The computer in case 2 not being able to connect to the 127 address has been "fixed" by changing all the machine on the network to use a static IP netstat does not show another process listening on that port (can I double check this anyway ?) So ? 0 Question by:LeTay Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google LVL 32 Active today Best Maybe someone here in germany?

An invalid argument was supplied. Only integers >= 0 are allowed. 335544819=File exceeded maximum size of 2GB. We set the sweep intervall to '0' and are doing manual sweeps. check over here Did the tweaking of the DB configuration resolve the issue? [ Permalink | « Hide ] Christian Masberg added a comment - 18/Jun/14 02:19 PM Hi Paul, after 2,5 years without

If this is really urgent - you can try commercial support... [ Permalink | « Hide ] Christian Masberg added a comment - 14/Nov/11 11:58 PM Hi Vlad, Thank you for Concerning the setup I have some questions. Further to all of this, I've tried the following to make it work with the Dynamic IP Address: - turned off the windows firewall - turned off microsoft secuirty essencials (realtime

It is the number of pages times page size, whisch is the amount of cache per user in RAM (using Classic Server).

The Code attempted to perfrom an illegal operation. 335544784=Bus Error. I would increase the page size to 8KB/8192, that is the typical disk block size used by many filing systems. Watson Logfile. [ Permalink | « Hide ] Christian Masberg added a comment - 14/Nov/11 05:08 PM Since the last post there have been some deadlocks. Ask your database administrator to set up an InterBase login.

Trigger BLR: 335610156=OBSOLETE - Erase trigger for relation {0}: 335610157=OBSOLETE - Source for the modify trigger is not available. Basically I do agree with you. If nobody can take the time to do this him/herselves we need advice on how to setup a debugging environment. this content isc_dsql_agg_ref_err 335544709L Invalid aggregate reference isc_complex_view 335544710L navigational stream references a view with more than one base table.

Christian [ Permalink | « Hide ] Vlad Khorsun added a comment - 14/Nov/11 06:13 PM Put dupms on the ftp, compress each file separately. I've tried setting the bind address to the static IP, and tried to connect to it from another machine without success. Try again later. 335544792=Cannot attach to services manager 335544793=Metadata update statement is not allowed by the current database SQL dialect {0} 335544794=operation was cancelled 335544795=unexpected item in service parameter block, expected Are there separate lock managers each handling the transactions for one db?

Can you recommend someone? At the same time we updated the firebird software to ver. 2.1.4. Only positive integers are allowed. 335609856=expected type 335609857=bad block type 335609858=bad block size 335609859=corrupt pool 335609860=bad pool ID 335609861=memory exhausted 335609862=set option not implemented 335609863=show option not implemented 335609864=show_fields: dtype not You using a router?

It grows to appr. 2,5MB in the next step after a short time, until it is fully established with appr. 45 MB. Wireless wired? Retry dump isc_old_in_progress 335544480L an online dump is already in progress isc_old_no_space 335544481L no more disk/tape space. Furthermore if someone has some further advice or point out to more relevant data, please do so.

I beat the wall of flesh but the jungle didn't grow restless Is it ok to turn down a promotion? We have 22 dump files of all processes that were connected to the server the time the deadlock happend. As best I can tell, I've configured everything the same as what the DHCP server provides, except using a static IP. We set the sweep intervall to '0' and are doing manual sweeps.

The Firebird.log does state: S1 (Server) Fri Jul 30 15:34:11 2004 INET/inet_error: bind errno = 10013 S1 (Server) Fri Jul 30 15:34:11 2004 Database: Unable to complete network request to host Sorry. –Beau Mar 24 '11 at 21:04 Okay, so the netstat lists the following: TCP ValuedCustomer:0 LISTENING in this case, this is the "computer A" in my grid However, if I change this computer to use a dynamic IP address (fetched from the DHCP server), and try to connect to the IP (in this case I was getting