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Installation Error Xsl Stylesheets Not Loaded Correctly

Cancel managed recovery and retry the command. Cause: An attempt to create a restore point failed. Action: Specify that the cursor return only one column: item-id. ORA-38438: getVarchar not possible due to "string" datatype in the attribute set Cause: An attempt was made to use the getVarchar API when the attribute set has one or more non-scalar his comment is here

ORA-38140: no SQL plan baselines were found Cause: No SQL plan baselines were found during pack or unpack operation. Cause: A flashback database log file header contained a usable blocks value greater than the file size. Action: Recover the database to return it to its previous state, or fix the cause of the operating system error and retry the Flashback. Action: Restore the log and retry the FLASHBACK command. this content

Cause: An attempt was made to create an attribute with a TABLE COLLECTION type. A restore and an incomplete recovery must be performed instead. A restore and an incomplete recovery must be performed instead.

ORA-38753: Cannot flashback data file string; no flashback log data. Difference or Advantage between AWR and STATSPACK ... ORA-06512: at "SYS.DBMS_METADATA", line 5088. ORA-38444: statistics do not exist for the expression set Cause: An attempt was made to clear the statistics that do not exist.

Flashback database requires DB_RECOVERY_FILE_DEST to be set. ORA-38418: ADT associated with the attribute set string does not exist Cause: The ADT with the same name as the attribute set was not found in the current schema. The most likely cause is that Flashback Database had to add a file back to the control file but could not restore the file's contents. ORA-38302: invalid PURGE option Cause: Invalid purge option specified.

ORA-38738: Flashback log file is not current copy. ORA-38734: Flashback log is inconsistent; belongs to another database. ORA-38742: Flashback log file has incorrect log reset status. ORA-38478: creation of system trigger EXPFIL_DROPOBJ_MAINT failed Cause: The creation of the system trigger EXPFIL_DROPOBJ_MAINT failed due to missing Expression Filter dictionary tables.

SQL> exec SYS.DBMS_METADATA_UTIL.LOAD_STYLESHEETS;BEGIN SYS.DBMS_METADATA_UTIL.LOAD_STYLESHEETS; END; *ERROR at line 1:ORA-00600: internal error code, arguments: [7999], [9], [1], [12], [], [], [],[], [], [], [], []ORA-06512: at "SYS.DBMS_METADATA_UTIL", line 2435ORA-06512: at line 1 http://ora-39212.ora-code.com/ Action: Specify a different name or drop the existing SQL plan baseline. Cause: An ALTER DATABASE FLASHBACK ON command had no effect because flashback database logging was already on. Cause: An ALTER DATABASE FLASHBACK ON command failed.

Cause: An attempt was made to perform a command that requires Flash recovery area to be enabled. this content ORA-38774: cannot disable media recovery - flashback database is enabled Cause: An attempt was made to disable media recovery while flashback database was enabled. Action: The file cannot be flashed back. RMAN-06172: no autobackup found How to restore an Spfile from autobackup older tha...

  1. ORA-38430: Operation "string" not supported in the current release.
  2. ORA-38751: Flashback database log: "string" Cause: This message reports the filename for details of another message.
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  4. ORA-38499: expression set already configured for stored/indexed attributes Cause: The expression set already had a list of stored and indexed attributes.
  5. Action: Use DEFAULT keyword in the parameters clause to rebuild the index from defaults or drop and recreate the index.
  6. Related error messages provide the file names that were originally used to create the files.
  7. ORA-38739: Flashback log file is more recent than control file.
  8. Action: Use a different target timestamp or use RMAN to reset the database to the appropriate incarnation.
  9. Action: Assign an attribute set to the column.
  10. Action: Try a clean installation again.

about to export IX's tables via Conventional Path ... . . exporting table INVENTORIES 1112 rows exported . . ORA-38406: attribute set string already exists Cause: An attribute set with a matching name already exists in the current schema. http://wiiplay.net/installation-error/installation-error-pci-sys.html Action: Do not attempt to use this feature.

ORA-38470: cannot revoke a privilege that was not granted. This implies that the wrong control file was being used. Action: Use a shorter file name.

ORA-38135: invalid fixed status value specified Cause: Specified fixed status value was neither YES or NO.

Action: Try a clean installation again. Cause: A log file name or number was missing in a DUMP FLASHBACK LOGFILE command. Action: If you are doing a FLASHBACK DATABASE, then the flashback cannot be performed because of the corrupted log. Action: Correct the name of the XML Tag or the XMLType attribute.

More information was dumped to the trace file. The flashback database log file was corrupt. Or, In workarea_size_policy='auto' mode, please raise pga_aggregate_target to a reasonably larger value. http://wiiplay.net/installation-error/installation-error-nero-9.html ORA-38404: schema extension not allowed for the attribute set name Cause: There was a schema extension for the attribute set name.

Action: Appropriate privileges on the expression set should be granted by the owner of the expression set. Action: Un-assign the attribute set from the expression set before dropping it. Action: Specify a valid plan name. Cause: An attempt was made to use a non-XMLType attribute to configure XPath filtering.

Action: Set serveroutput ON for more information. Cause: The VARCHAR representation of data item was too long. Cause: The ALTER DATABASE FLASHBACK command was specified without the ON or OFF keyword. Oracle in World: ORA-39212: installation error: XSL stylesheets not loaded correctly http://arjudba.blogspot.de/2008/08/ora-39212-installation-error-xsl.html#sidebar Similar Pages ...

Action: Set DB_RECOVERY_FILE_DEST to a location and retry. Cause: The control file being used is a backup control file. Oracle in World: ORA-39212: installation error: XSL stylesheets not loaded correctly http://arjudba.blogspot.de/2008/08/ora-39212-installation-error-xsl.html Similar Pages ... Automatic and Manually sized Components of SGA How to load data using external table into oracle ...