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Informix Cursor With Hold


Read 24 May 10 - eWeek Europe - IBM Supplies Database Tech For EU Smart Grid... Messages In This Thread [Error Code:-259,SQL State:24000]Cursor not Open (views: 776)O KHAN -- Friday, 22 November 2013, at 4:48 p.m. APAR status Closed as program error. Illegal or wrong number of arguments to sqlexec server. -922 Cannot get name of current working directory. -923 INFORMIX is not licensed to access the current database server only. -924 INFORMIX this contact form

I know that the java.sql-connection object is not threadsafe, so I created a wrapper class which, among other things, synchronizes the access to the connection object. Afterward, it can tell the program exactly how many rows the active set contains. These ideas seems unsettling at first, but as long as your program only reads the data, stale data does not exist, or rather, all data is equally stale. For example, it does not allow for components that appear at more than one level in the tree. http://www.ibm.com/support/docview.wss?uid=swg1PK92861

Informix Cursor With Hold

The iterative approach described earlier is not the only way to approach the parts-explosion problem. When the active set, or part of it, is saved in a temporary table, stale data can present a problem. Try JIRA - bug tracking software for your team. One reason is that you can never be sure which method the optimizer uses.

Please check installation. -499 The operation causes a rowsize to exceed the allowable limit (32767). -500 Clustered index index-name already exists in the table. -501 Index index-name is already not clustered. at com.informix.util.IfxErrMsg.getSQLException(IfxErrMsg.java:348) at com.informix.jdbc.IfxSqli.addException(IfxSqli.java:3000) at com.informix.jdbc.IfxSqli.receiveError(IfxSqli.java:3310) at com.informix.jdbc.IfxSqli.dispatchMsg(IfxSqli.java:2263) at com.informix.jdbc.IfxSqli.receiveMessage(IfxSqli.java:2183) at com.informix.jdbc.IfxSqli.executeFetch(IfxSqli.java:1835) at com.informix.jdbc.IfxSqli.getaRow(IfxSqli.java:4015) at com.informix.jdbc.IfxResultSet.next(IfxResultSet.java:533) at org.apache.commons.dbcp.DelegatingResultSet.next(DelegatingResultSet.java:168) at org.apache.openjpa.lib.jdbc.DelegatingResultSet.next(DelegatingResultSet.java:106) at org.apache.openjpa.jdbc.sql.ResultSetResult.nextInternal(ResultSetResult.java:222) at org.apache.openjpa.jdbc.sql.SelectImpl$SelectResult.nextInternal(SelectImpl.java:2451) at org.apache.openjpa.jdbc.sql.AbstractResult.next(AbstractResult.java:173) at org.apache.openjpa.jdbc.kernel.SelectResultObjectProvider.next(SelectResultObjectProvider.java:99) at org.apache.openjpa.lib.rop.EagerResultList.(EagerResultList.java:35) ... Use CreateDB to create the Database testdb if not already done * java CreateDB 'jdbc:informix-sqli: * //emily:1533:informixserver=emily3;user=rdtest;password=test' * 2. Informix Odbc Error The column contains.parent holds the part numbers of parts that are assemblages.

Last edited by pitris; 11-21-05 at 05:49. Informix Cursor Example On each fetch, it returns the contents of the current row and locates the next one. The program fetches a row of data into host variables and processes it. 4. Go Here The DECLARE statement is not an active statement; it merely establishes the features of the cursor and allocates storage for it.

The following list shows the general sequence of program operations: 1. Informix Error 951 The only time that stale data can cause a problem is when the program intends to use the input data to modify the same database; for example, when a banking application More... Read 1 Feb 12 - developerWorks - 100 Tech Tips, #47: Log-in to Fix Central...

Informix Cursor Example

Informix Guide to SQL: Tutorial, version 9.1 Copyright ©1998, Informix Software, Inc. https://issues.apache.org/jira/browse/OPENJPA-853 Read 20 Jul 10 - IBM Announcements - Software withdrawal: Elite Support for Informix Ultimate-C Edition... Informix Cursor With Hold EXEC SQL FETCH ABSOLUTE :numrow s_curs INTO :nordr, :nodat This statement fetches the row whose position is given in the host variable numrow. There Is No Current Cursor Informix I did this and now I'm getting a new error ("Error -259: Cursor not open") when executing the select statement.

The optimizer might be able to use indexes to produce the rows in the correct order, but generally the use of ORDER BY or GROUP BY clauses requires the database server http://wiiplay.net/informix-error/informix-error-329.html Read 27 Jan 11 - exactsolutions - Exact to Add Informix Support to Database Replay, SQL Monitoring Solutions... Atlassian Login by ID Login by Member # Save Password: Save Join IIUG Search IIUG.org Search Software Search CDI for match all match any But some programs must be designed for use in a multiprogramming system, where two, three, or dozens of different programs can work on the same tables simultaneously. Informix Sql Error

Local fix Problem summary **************************************************************** * USERS AFFECTED: All users of IBM WebSphere Application * * Server Feature Pack for EJB 3.0 * **************************************************************** * PROBLEM DESCRIPTION: A JPA operation using All rights reserved. As a contrast, consider the following declaration of a cursor: EXEC SQL DECLARE hard SCROLL CURSOR FOR SELECT C.customer_num, O.order_num, sum (items.total_price) FROM customer C, orders O, items I WHERE C.customer_num navigate here A commit closes all open cursors for your session.

However, when i execute the same query in the distributed environment, then i am getting the following error: [Error Code: -259, SQL State: 24000] Cursor not open. Informix Error Codes List The cursor named in this statement (probably an OPEN) has been associated with a prepared statement that is not a SELECT statement. Figure 5-5 Parts-Explosion Problem Figure 5-5 shows one of the rows that describe part #123400.

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The active set is a snapshot of the data as it is at one moment in time. Updated on 2008-11-02T10:50:30Z at 2008-11-02T10:50:30Z by SystemAdmin SystemAdmin 110000D4XK 1143 Posts Re: Informix JDBC driver: cursor not open ‏2008-10-28T18:29:13Z This is the accepted answer. No error should be returned when executing this stored procedure. Informix Error 908 So I use a same jdbc connection with setAutoCommit(false) and setTransactionIsolation(Connection.TRANSACTION_READ_COMMITTED).

An example Exception may be as follows: org.apache.openjpa.persistence.PersistenceException:Could not position within a table (informix.ijprimaryentity). {prepstmnt 1474582500 DELETE FROM IJPrimaryEntity} [code=-243, state=IX000] FailedObject: DELETE FROM IJPrimaryEntity [java.lang.String] at org.apache.openjpa.jdbc.sql.SQLExceptions.narrow(SQLExceptions.j ava:146) at org.apache.openjpa.jdbc.sql.DBDictionary.newStoreException(DBDic Locating the INTO Clause The INTO clause names the host variables that are to receive the data returned by the database server. These operations are performed using a special data object called a cursor. his comment is here Read 17 March 2010 - Virtualization Review - ...key components of Big Blue's platform to the commercial cloud such as its WebSphere suite of application ser vers and its DB2 and

Log-based Change Data Capture... Read 2 Feb 11 - DBTAs - Informix 11.7 Flexible Grid Provides a Different Way of Looking at Database Servers... This cursor, because it lacks a FOR UPDATE clause and because it is designated FOR READ ONLY, is used only to read data, not to modify it. (The use of cursors Or back end is busy. -855 Cannot drop rowids on a non-fragmented table. -856 Rowids already exist on table. -857 Rowids do not exist on table. -858 Cannot specify the same

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