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You cannot sign up without agreeing Terms of Service. Close a window, open a program, shutdown windows: all with one button. Great Job Melloware! Kodos to keeping this app free.

Wow by Raone on 2010/04/09 23:11 I've never wrote a review for anything but this program is amazing! Love it! Sometimes too many buttons are a bad thing, and in this case they obscure an otherwise beautiful application. I have enjoyed being able to use my computer with a remote.

Error 0xe8000065

Bluetooth? Can't understand how this has gotten anything less than 4 stars. The ability to use my phone as a keyboard and mouse is also quite handy (though, if you don't want to shell out the cash for Intelliremote I'd suggest Logitech's free

  1. For all of those interested, the new release 1.1 allows you to control your PC remotely via wifi and is very stable.
  2. Contact Apple Support.
  3. Give me that and it's perfect.”Need help„Need step by step help to set up this app:”Works great„I had to work with the PC application to get all my applications keys set
  4. Also, how can you complaint of the price???
  5. Can't wait till the app allows you to customize button images and layout!!!!!”Intelliremote Review„Just downloaded it together with the host application.
  6. Easy as pie.
  7. For right now I deleted it from both of my devices.
  8. CHEAP program just like it by Derv84 on 2009/12/26 15:49 I can't believe these guys have the audacity to charge you 25 bucks to make this stupid thing work when there's
  9. Waldir by Nelson Argueta on 2011/06/24 01:33 Mamatita Why so UGLY??!!
  10. In Finder, select Applications > Utilities > Terminal from the menu bar.

And, not that I need to, but if I wanted to, customizing the remote is simple. The mouse is really cool , no time delay works in real time. Wasted $25 by Intelliremote user on 2009/11/06 20:53 Cannot custmize buttons or look. The Iphone Software Update Server Could Not Be Contacted The purpose of this program is simple: to allow complete remote control of your Home theater PC from your iPhone with the touch of a finger.

It also accepts script events which makes it that much more customizable. Itunes Could Not Connect To This Iphone Because An Invalid Response Now i can play my anime, answer IMs ,or check my myspace from the comfort of my comphy chair on those bum days. Take a deep look in2 the app and U will realize it can control/open/close every program U want wit simple editing. https://searchman.com/ios/app/us/288765964/en/melloware/intelliremote/?d=iPhone Keep up the good work.

by Hittingsword on 2009/11/30 07:34 Must have for any one who loves tech. Itunes Unknown Error Occurred (-54) And no I'm not a plant here for Air Mouse. Either he is some kind of hater devoleper trying to get people not to buy this application, or is some kind of computer novice and has no idea what he's talking by gamer56871 on 2010/02/09 22:20 Does not work tried everything wont start up!!!

Itunes Could Not Connect To This Iphone Because An Invalid Response

I have uninstalled Intelliremote and will be waiting for a free alternative.”Stuck„It's okay doesn't conect”Can't get it to work!„Does not work tried everything”wont start up!!!„As soon as i open it up,,,,it https://support.apple.com/en-us/HT203213 I've never encountered such a rude attitude. Error 0xe8000065 that is great!. Itunes Could Not Connect To This Iphone An Unknown Error Occurred For those curious about this app: Do your homework and you will see it is an amazing application.

MrFool Interessante… potete dirci se remota anche frontrow? So I can have a 64 in. This program rocks my world. I have a pc connected to a monitor and a projector, whenever I play music or movies I had to use my wireless keyboard which is big and cumbersome, with intelliremote, Itunes Could Not Connect To This Iphone An Unknown Error Occurred 0xe8000068

check host ………..and port 6000 are correct in the main device setting application??? Sure, the Sonos works, but can I use that in a pitch to control a power point presentation -- no. Was actually in the middle of coding my own, and Intelliremote goes waaaaay beyond what I was even trying to do. Sign In I agree to the Terms of Service.

However I would rather use my Iphone and just spend $24 ... Iphone Unknown Error (-39) He done 1 great job here. It will even control my projector with RS232 protocol.

This program rocks my world.

No, you can't modify the layout on the iPhone's screen, but the landscape mode makes up for that shortcoming, and I am sure this will be added in some future version. In order to take advantage of its features you will have to pay $24 to unlock the server program that runs on your computer. You might see it when you connect your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch to a Windows PC. Itunes Could Not Connect To This Iphone An Unknown Error Occurred 0xe8000003 Don't work by Rigo2nike on 2009/04/19 01:17 Don't get this it's just a waste of memory hard to use Works as advertised and more by Slim CT9349 on 2009/04/17 14:09 Don't

I bought the server version for my MCE and it's been working great. What really nice is the ability to have a different profile for every media app I use. I can control the mouse and keyboard from this app. Then, try to connect to the iTunes Store.

By mapping one of the remote buttons to press the hotkey sequence I have setup to switch monitors I can now be downstairs and with the push of one button on Awesome app from a great company by CID_X on 2009/01/16 21:13 I have been using Intelliremote for a good long while since it let me use my creative remote, that had Rusty on 2009/06/04 00:12 This is a phenomenal program. Look out Harmony by jantypas on 2008/11/18 00:51 Why would I want a product that lets me control iTunes with my iPod?

It runs my entire computer while I'm in bed, it freaked my girl out. Need help by Zee.shah on 2010/05/14 16:55 Need step by step help to set up this app: Works great by DavidTTX on 2010/05/04 01:12 I had to work with the PC Pros: - Easy Setup - Full control - Great support site - The developer replied to my emails in a few hours each time I had a question. Friends drop their jaws when they see me run my finger on my iPhone while the mouse cursor moves and clicks on my computer screen.

I have been using it on my Windows Media PC for about two months now. I do know that at this point it is impossible (because the iPhone can't connect to a computer) but if/when apple decides to allow it, it would be amazin to not The features I did test seem to be working perfectly well.Beyond the misleading price, this is a decidedly ugly app that could certainly use some better cosmetics. io l'ho istallato sia sul pc sia sull'Iphone ma nn mi funziona non sono riuscito ad impostare ne IP ne server come si fa?

Information about products not manufactured by Apple, or independent websites not controlled or tested by Apple, is provided without recommendation or endorsement. The buttons on verticle mode need to be big like the horizontal mode. 3. This is a hell of an application, I control all of the audio in my house from my iphone and my lighting system using X10, is AWESOME. In order to take advantage of its features you will have to pay $24 to unlock the server program that runs on your computer.

You just sit there behind/beside them and act like you aren't the one making the mouse go everywhere and typing the wrong words. ;) Absolutely Amazing by thedeancorp on 2009/07/30 20:02 Bravo to the developers! Malgrado qualche rallentamento e qualche comando non sempre recepito, Intelliremote si è dimostrato davvero valido e, malgrado abbia provato solo la versione free, tutte le funzioni sono più che sufficienti per